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We want to make people’s lives (age from 3 to 103) more interesting, fill it with knowledge about the environment, energy and high technology. Introduce science to children in an accessible form of a game, to teach their attitude towards energy and form energy efficient thinking behavior of adult. We are showing a high level of attention to problems related to energy saving and energy efficiency, and ultimately, we want to create energy efficient society, starting from its smallest representatives.

We use the latest technologies and interactive methods of teaching. We are constantly expanding own horizons and improve skills through participation in new international projects.

We are like-minded persons!                 We are one big family!

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Our team consist of 30 workers, among them:

3 Doctor of Science,

12 Doctor of Philosophy,

1 PhD student,

8 women і 22 men,

average age – 34 years.

We like people and are fond of science, that’s why we are working for YOU!

Oleksandr Rashkevych – “Lego RoboARM” and “Arduino” courses.

No doubt, he is not just a teacher, but a teacher by vocation. This becomes obvious when you communicate with Oleksandr. A few years ago, a successful financier, who was the head of the department of one of the banks in Kalush, realized that banking is not what he wants to do in life.

Oleksandr was delighted to meet with people who are also interested in robotics and work with children of all ages. Before working in a financial institution, Oleksandr Rashkevych worked six years in school, teaching physics, astronomy and mathematics. Today robotics and automation are a broad subject. Even the teacher constantly learns for some reason new, goes to specialized conferences.

IMG_20170622_172607-1About work with children:

“Children are constantly inspiring me, they are always open to everything new. The modern generation is extremely advanced and intelligent. Children spend a lot of time in the virtual world, but in many cases it is the welfare of society, parents or the education system. From my own experience, I know that when a child sees the opportunity to work with real things, then quickly switches. Adults should create an alternative to virtual reality for children. ”

About classes in science city New energy

When Oleksandr is talking about children, he always smiles. “I work at the New Energy with children aged from 7 years. Sometimes we study with children and adults, because parents also come to classes. Usually parents not only listen, but are included in the training, ask questions and I see a keen interest. For the teacher it is the most praiseworthy. I like this kind of free occupation, we work in the open space, everyone always has the opportunity to see how the lesson is going. ”

All courses at New Energy have practical applications, what is different from school education.

“The course of robotics begins with the design of Lego, and then we will connect the automation of those designs that make up the students. Today, many designers with their own programming have been developed, but their cost is very high, not every parent can afford to buy such toys for children, but we want to teach students to write their own programs for manipulators.”

Manipulators – devices that allow you to move objects, and carry out various operations on them, in other words, a robotic arm. Today, manipulators are used almost on every production. “Manipulators are what robots are equipped with, for example, manipulators at factories are now performing all automatic work instead of people,” says Oleksandr Rashkevych. – Knowledge acquired by students during the course will help them in the future, it will take about ten years and our children will need to find themselves in a robotic society”.


Myron Gryshetskyi

We are glad to work with Myron Gryshetskyi, a teacher of photo courses, a creative and extremely positive, open to everything new person. And we do not just praise our people, all who work with Myron will say: classes are accessible, easy and fun, and after lessons do not want to run home.

Myron Gryshetskyi teaches in a research campus “a course for beginners,” which lasts for 2 months, 2 classes per week.

Training takes place, as a rule, in a dialogue form, with a statement of the main provisions (if desired), with questions and answers during the conversation. On every lesson, the material passed is fixed, and practical lessons take place during the planned creative planers on open air and trips. And then, at the end of the training, as it should be – a photo exhibition of graduates.



Myron teaches photography more than a year, and a photographic affair does not like to call his profession.

In teaching photography, I like to communicate on favorite topics and, of course, new acquaintances.

The delight of a photo shoot began with a gift. Parents in the first class presented the first, then film camera – recalls Myron. By the way, the school “Agat-18” camera now is a peculiar relic, as well as the following “Zmina”, “Zenith”, “Lyubytel”, “Kyiv”, and at the same time exhibits, with which the teacher introduces the students to the first lessons of the course.

“Photo Course for Beginners” can be divided into the following stages: familiarization with the most important theoretical and practical provisions of photography; photography technique; Setting up cameras to work in different conditions and photographic genres; composition basics, perspectives and color photography; basics of editing photos in graphic editors; practical work in the most popular photographic genres.

“Today, there is really a lot of useful information, but the beginner photographer may get lost or get lost in this information” sea “, spending a lot of time. At our school, classes are informative. Also, based on their own knowledge and experience, the main goal of training is to reduce the path to the creative growth of future photographers. Although at the same time, we should not forget and remind ourselves of self-improvement”.


Volodymyr Kornuta


Volodymyr Kornuta – teacher of the course  “3D. Virtuality in reality”. In addition to Volodymyr dealing with children, he is an extraordinary person and a scientist – Associate Professor of Engineering and Computer graphics department of the Ivano-Frankivsk National University of Oil and Gas, PhD.


During work with schoolchildren he is guided by the principle – the complex things to say simply. Volodymyr easily introduces our students to the basics of 3D technology, helps children to include spatial imagination and creativity.

“I see that the children who visit the courses want to work, do something with their own hands. Each child is a person, they are direct and I like it. I try to get interested in the subject and give freedom at work, – the teacher shares with enthusiasm. – Schools no longer have such a subject as drawings, today everything can be painted on a computer. Speaking only about the theory it is impossible to interest children in geometry or stereometry, because even the adult is difficult to imagine complex spatial figures.”

On the basis of Science City “New Energy”, a unique material and technical base for the study of 3D technology has been created.

The course taught by Volodymyr starts with familiarity with modern 3D printers. Students will learn all about 3D printing techniques and the online 3D editor TincerCAD, which is ideal for beginners. During the first lessons the children will get skills of simulation of simple figures and their own printed 3D model. The skill of 3D modeling will be useful when choosing a future profession.

“We are preparing our children for the future. Futurists say that there will soon be 3D printers and robotic lines, which will carry out almost all work, people only have the creativity and service of these machines. ”

In the nearest future, there will be a need for such specialities: materials experts, design engineers, 3D meters – those who have the innate ability to think three-dimensionally, 3D-developers, 3D cooks, fashion designers, stylists and experts in materials for 3D clothing, consultants on 3D production.



Children will learn to develop their own devices - security systems or robotic mechanisms and write programs for them on the basis of ARDUINO.


An exclusive course that greatly enhances the capabilities of the Lego constructors to create more and more children's projects.


Discover the world of 3D technology. We will give children the skills and knowledge of 3D modeling, 3D scanning and printing on a 3D printer.


We have already prepared 4 photo school sketches. The course is suitable both for beginners and for lovers - who will receive professional skills and knowledge.


The course will form skills and skills that will allow you to assemble your own solar or wind power plant, solar collector.














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